The Invisible Hand (3 set) by Michel (DVD)

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The Invisible Hand (3 set) by Michel (DVD)
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Michel is a successful professional performer devoted to the Hold Out work since 1976 and this DVD set is the result of those thirty years of work and research.

The Invisible Hand is an amazing device that allows you to perform miracle effects in close up, parlor or stage magic at any moment during your act. In this DVD set you will learn 29 astonishing effects.

In Volume One, you'll see the history of the Hold Out and the background of the Invisible Hand. You'll see the legendary Kepplinger, an original Jack Miller Hold Out and other models. Furthermore, you'll find a detailed description of The Invisible hand, setting, basic moves and advanced techniques and subtleties. Finally you'll watch and learn one of the most beautiful effects you can do with the Invisible Hand: "The Silk Story."

In the second DVD you'll learn in detail more than ten powerful parlor routines. These are professional and audience tested routines. Watch and learn amazing and wonderful version of Rising Card, Cut and Restored Rope, Bending Spoon, Dancing Silk, Bill in Pen, Newspaper Test and many more.

The third DVD explains incredible stage and close up effects. Moreover you'll find a unique version of the famous Vanishing Birdcage in which the magician takes off his coat in front of the audience after the vanishing, INCREDIBLE!

Watch and Learn all the wonder effects:

Silk Story
Rising Card
The Invisible Ball routine
The Bill in the Pen
The Amazing Vanishing of Silk and Coin
The Newspaper Test
The Magic Bulb
Fire from Everywhere
Fire-Silk and Ball routine
Smoking your Thumb
Spoon Bending
Free Choice
The Gazing Watch
The Magnetic cue
Alternative Ending for Silk Story
My first Sucker Trick
Magnetic Pencil
Vanishing Pen
Flash Silk Vanish
Chop Cup - Final Load
The Vanishing Lighter
Knife Routine
Vanishing Pen
Vanishing Coin in Trousers
Vanishing Coin in the Tie
Magic Purse
The Hypnotized Silk
The Bill Neff Rope Routine

The Vanishing Bird Cage Running Time Approximately 3 hours

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