Instant Magician by Kevin James, Jan Torell

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Instant Magician by Kevin James, Jan Torell
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This is a wonderful audience participation routine from Kevin James and his miraculous wonder workers!

The performer introduces a small black satin bag, produces and tosses various objects (cards, magic wand, billiard balls, etc.) inside. Once completed, he turns the bag inside-out only to have it transform into a beautiful magician's costume with all the items in the pocket ready to use.

He then invites an adult or child onstage dresses them in a magicians costume. The spectator stands with his hands behind his back and the magician puts his arms through the costume and performs some magic. It looks as if the spectator is doing the magic.

The magician verbally cues the spectator how to react and the illusion is perfect and very funny. This great idea allows you to reclaim some of that old material in your magical junk drawer.

The Costume and Instructional Video (30 minutes Full of ideas and tips...)

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