Inside Magic by FXBuster - DVD

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Inside Magic by FXBuster - DVD

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Learn how to make flat objects vanish and reappear inside a sealed pack of cigarettes!

Effect 1:
A card is selected and returned to the pack. The card is lost in the pack and disappears from the pack. The spectator will not find his card anymore! Now the spectator is asked to open a sealed cigarette pack which was the whole time on the table. (Note: Nobody touches the pack during the whole routine!) The spectator opens the cigarette pack and finds his chosen card in the pack!

Effect 2:
Throw some coins into a cigarette automat; one of the coins is marked. Now let a spectator open the cigarette box. Inside the box he will find the marked coin!

Put a bill on a pack of cigarettes. Make a magical move over the pack and the bill vanishes. Ask a spectator to open the sealed (!) pack of cigarettes. Inside the pack he will find again the bill!

Or make a business card vanish and reappear inside the cigarette pack.

This is an incredible effect which will leave your audience baffled!

Key Points:
• The cigarette box is not resealed! It is the original sealing!
• Preparation is made within some seconds!
• The magician never touches the cigarette pack during the whole routine!
• Perfect for table-hopping and walk-around performances!
• Everything can be examined!
• No gimmicks!
• You end absolutely clean!
• Easy to learn!

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