Greatest Magic Show

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Greatest Magic Show
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excellent for your close-up shows. A collection of 21 magic effects



Inside this elegant case, excellent for your close-up shows, there are 21 magic effects among the most beautiful and exclusive. Do not miss this. 
• The case is made of aluminum and measure  52 cm (l) x 9 (h) x 34 (b) (in. 20 x 3,50 x 13,40).
• Thanks to the internal covering, all your effects and accessories will remain in place, without leaving their space.
Here are all the magic tricks that you will find inside the case:
  1. Cups and balls
  2. Clairvoyance
  3. Magictube
  4. Nails thru coin
  5. Die vision
  6. Chinese boxes set
  7. Ball and vase
  8. Rope to silk 18 in.
  9. Incredible disappearances
  10. Imp bottle
  11. The ghost light
  12. Chameleon silk
  13. Moneta perforante
  14. Vanishing silk - Professional
  15. Ghost cigarette
  16. The vampire
  17. Miracle Cards (stripper deck)
  18. Svengali deck
  19. Everyday - Playing cards
  20. Chameleon backs
  21. The starving monkey
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