Bonus Points

With our bonus system, you can benefit and save money!
Therefore you must be logged in and have an account in our webshop.
You can simply collect bonus points and then redeem these points for later orders.

How to earn bonus points:

1. Orders
You get for every 1 EUR = 2 bonus points (net value excluding VAT)
If the purchase order value is 80 EUR thus receive 160 bonus points.
The points will be credited to your account as soon as the shipping confirmation is sent.
2. Product Reviews
Write a review and get for each (confirmed) Review 25 bonus points.
3. Friendship Recruitment
For every customer that you have forwarded to us, we will give you 500 bonus points.
Please let us know this with the email address of the new customers.
4. Promotions
For special promotions, we are announcing our newsletter, you may collect additional bonus points.

5. Subscribe to our newsletter
For your Newsletter subscription, you will receive 500 bonus points.

So you can redeem the bonus points:

100 Bonus Points have a value of 1 EUR.
You can redeem when ordering your bonus points any time with your next orders.
Just write in the point box how many points you want to redeem.
The converted value is then subtracted from the total bill.

Please note:

1. Depending on the country's currency, the Bonus Points are displayed in EUR or CHF.

2. If you have old 5 EUR vouchers, send them to us and we will credit your account this as bonus points. You get a bonus of 500 points for each 5 EUR voucher.