Unmasked by Arkadio Jose & Solange

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Unmasked by Arkadio Jose & Solange
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Visual Mask change



A great magic routine with a mouthmask!

You have somebody select a card, say a five of hearts and another spectator can choose one of five movie characters. You are wearing a black mouthmask during this entire routine…but then you wave over the mask and suddenly the chosen card is now printed on the mouthmask (five of hearts), you wave again and now the mask changes to the chosen character (The Joker).

Very well made, easy to do and works extremely smooth. The mask is made of a covid-19 tested material and comes complete with the character cards and online video-instructions.

We supply the set with THE JOKER as an outcome.

-Easy to do.

-Covid-19 tested mask fabric.

-No angles.

-Easy preparation.

Package contents:

- 5 character cards. (High quality, parlour size).

- 1 double change mask.

3 options available:

-Joker with a random card.

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