Deluxe Forcing Dice by Hiro Sakai

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Deluxe Forcing Dice by Hiro Sakai
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This is a useful item to force a number with.


The set consists of one normal die and 6 double-numbered dice.
You can choose the number which you don't want to be picked by using these dice.

Example Routine:
There are 6 paper cups and a pin holder.
The performer asks a volunteer to write the numbers 1-6 on each of the cups and to covers the pin holder with any cup. The other cups which have nothing under them are then put on the table. Of course, the performer doesn't watch any of this because his back is turned the whole time.
After this is done, the performer now turns back towards the volunteer.
Now the performer gives the volunteer the dice and asks them to shoot the dice.
Now whatever the volunteer rolls, the equivalent of that number cup is removed, until there is only one cup left... Magically the final cup left will be have the pin holder under it.

These dice are 18 mm square.

Good for Close-Up and Parlor magic.

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