Flash Cards / Pyro Karten - Bicycle mixed face

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Flash Cards / Pyro Karten - Bicycle mixed face
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Flash Cards



Flash poker is made out of flash paper. On the face there is printed image of a poker size Bicycle cards, make it looks like common poker, and you can't identify in a distant. 
Newfashioned Ink
Many inks were tested to make sure it does almost no influence to the burning speed of flash paper.
Environmental Ink
The New ink that was used in 2018 is Odorless and nontoxic. The color printing is more realistic, it's hard for Audiences to tell out the difference.
- Thick flash paper.
- Durable ink.
- Vivid color.
- The pack consists of 10 cards, poker format, with assorted Bicycle faces: 2KH, 2QH, 2AS, 2QS 2JH.
For Professional Use Only. Our Company doesn't assume any responsability for you actions. User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not for Anyone Under 18.