Detach by Rick Lax

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Detach by Rick Lax
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EVERYTHING you know about balloon magic is about to be TORN to pieces.

Visually split and restore an ordinary balloon.

A balloon is audibly SPLIT into two pieces, then slowly, visually fused back together. Let them examine it immediately.

Rick Lax, creator of Vertigo brings an impromptu balloon effect that transcends logic and expectation.
You show an ordinary balloon and blow it up. With a twist and a pop, the balloon VISUALLY and AUDIBLY detaches into two pieces - one in each hand. You slowly bring the pieces side by side, then fuse them into one, unaltered balloon - handed out for complete examination immediately.

A simple, powerful effect that you can perform at a moment's notice.

Detach uses NO special gimmicks and can be handed out for complete examination. You start clean and end clean. There are no funny movements or awkward misdirections. It's as straightforward and natural as magic gets.
Rick Lax takes you step by step, teaching you all the details and subtleties that make Detach look so brilliant and deceptive.

Bonus Effect Included! A quick, perfect opener for Detach.

Also included is an astoundingly simple balloon multiplication effect! Take a single balloon, blow it up, and produce a handful of balloons as it deflates. Rick's balloon multiplication is the perfect opener for Detach and the rest of your balloon magic.
With Detach, you'll learn everything - all you need is a balloon and you've got a miracle ready to be performed at a moment's notice!

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