Anytime Anywhere - Jay Sankey

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Anytime Anywhere - Jay Sankey
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No gimmicks! No set-ups! Using only borrowed objects!

"Impromptu work is the most valuable, commercial and closely-guarded information there is." Jay Sankey

For years, magicians and mentalists have been asking Jay about his unreleased impromptu work. Now on this very special DVD, Jay shares a mind-blowing collection of 34 routines, the vast majority of which have never before appeared in print, on Video or DVD.

34 astounding magic and mentalist effects with borrowed keys, coins, business cards, paper money, wooden matches, finger rings, playing cards, elastic bands, pens, cigarette packs, books, newspapers, paper matches, napkins and more!

Jay also shares the real work on such essential topics as the power of impromptu performances, combining magic and mentalism, magic with a borrowed deck, scripting, the importance of simplicity, and handling props within the impromptu setting.

Never again say, "Sorry, I didn't bring anything with me!"

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